Welcome to Manresa

Our video reflections can be found on this page or on our YouTube channel

We are glad to offer some online opportunities for retreat and reflection. Keep in touch with what's available by visiting this page or by receiving our newsletter.

We are happy to take bookings for online retreats. Those who book may be offered the opportunity to stay in Manresa as places become available.

BDóchas - finding hope
You can choose from the selection of prayers and inputs available to create a timetable that suits your situation. Once you have made your selection, we will email you your personal outline with the links that you need. more
When you wish
Being at Home with Mary (Aileen Murphy RLR)
Pope Francis encourages us to pray with Mary, to draw on traditional devotions, to pray as a Christian family in solidarity with our suffering world during this time of global pandemic. This is a retreat of fives sessions with an occasional opportunity to meet online with Aileen and others. more
When you wish

Manresa reopened in a limited capacity on Monday 10 August and was able to welcome people until the new restrictions came into effect on Wednesday 19 August when we 're-closed'.

We were very encouraged in the implementation of new procedures by the appreciation of the thorough planning that underlay them and look forward to reopening  as soon as public health measures allow. The current directives are in place until Monday 30 November.

Some scheduled directed retreats and other elements of our programme may be offered online with small numbers on site and joined by remote participants.

 Oasis Day - Saturday 7 August 2021
10:00 am Saturday 7 August 2021
Could it be that this will be a day to visit Manresa in person? Even if not we are sure that you will find it helpful to make one day different while staying where you are.  That difference will  come from your giving a little...