Welcome to Manresa

A place apart - close to the heart of Dublin

As Ireland responds to the global spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) by entering a Delay Phase, all programmes in Manresa until Monday 10 August 2020 are cancelled or postponed.

For your Pentecost reflection

Some selections from our Being at Home with Mary retreat offered by Aileen Murphy RLR, and images of Mary from Manresa to conclude the month of May.


As with everyone else, we are trying to see how best to ensure the health of our staff and guests, what to make provision for, what to plan. We sent a Saint Patrick's Day greeting to our newsletter subscribers on Monday 16 March 2020 and had a considerable response to it, encouraging us to continue to engage with you, exploring how we might support your reflection and prayer.

You are welcome to sign up for our mailings which we send in the hope they'll help you in your daily life. Links to past newsletters are here and our COVID-19 page lists recent additions we hope will be of help to you in this difficult time. 

Being at Home with Mary (Aileen Murphy RLR) <Online>
Pope Francis encourages us to pray with Mary, to draw on traditional devotions, to pray as a Christian family in solidarity with our suffering world during this time of global pandemic...more
You can choose when to begin this retreat and you will be emailed a link each morning for each of five days.

To love the Earth (Brendan Comerford SJ) <Online>

"We have only begun to love the Earth" - Denise Levertov. Poets help us to notice beauty in the commonplace. Brendan Comerford SJ will guide your reflection on the lives and spiritual insights of six selected poets... more

You are welcome to add your name to a waiting list and we will let you know when this retreat is again available.

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