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A place apart - close to the heart of Dublin

As Ireland responds to the global spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) by engaging with a phased responses, all programmes in Manresa until Monday 10 August 2020 are cancelled or postponed. We are glad to offer a number of online retreats in these months.

Manresa will not reopen while we continue to review the catering and residential aspects of the work of the Centre. It is not yet time to reap the fruits of a lot of rethinking, deliberation and discernment as we continue to develop and refine new operating procedures.  


Our email newsletter was published monthly until March 2020 when we moved to a weekly bulletin in which we sought to support prayer and reflection during a time of staying at home. The regular texts, links and videos were well-received and, for the moment, we continue with a weekly mailing. Links to those newsletters are here.


You are welcome to sign up for our mailings which we send in the hope they'll help you in your daily life. You can unsubscribe yourself at any time using the link in the email. Our COVID-19 page lists much of the content.


Please consult our calendar for current retreats.

To love the Earth (Brendan Comerford SJ)
Poets help us to notice beauty in the commonplace, to look again at the ordinary. Brendan Comerford SJ will guide your reflection on the lives of selected poets and respond to questions each day more
Monday 13 July 2020 to Saturday 18 July 2020
Being at Home with Mary (Aileen Murphy RLR)
Pope Francis encourages us to pray with Mary, to draw on traditional devotions, to pray as a Christian family in solidarity with our suffering world during this time of global pandemic. This is a retreat of fives sessions with an occasional opportunity to meet online with Aileen and others. more
When you wish

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