Manresa Graduate Network

Manresa has trained people in spiritual direction for some 40 years, and so has a considerable number of graduates who engage in spiritual accompaniment throughout Ireland and around the world. Events and courses are organised regularly to support and develop the skills of those who... Read more

Graduate Network Newsletter

Graduates of the spiritual direction training programmes at Manresa keep in touch with current offerings and opportunities by subscribing to the newsletter or by checking the Graduates page on this website ( If you are a... Read more

Graduates’ Day February 2019 -Safeguarding and spiritual direction

The formal input on this Graduate Day will be in the morning only. Participants are welcome to depart after lunch or even more welcome to take an ‘oasis afternoon’. Members of the Retreat Team will offer some brief input ("What's on my bookshelf" and "Pointers for prayer") and suggestions... Read more

Supervision Training for Spiritual Directors 2019-20

Manresa Jesuit Centre of Spirituality offers training in supervision for spiritual directors. Conducted in association with Together in the Mystery, an established supervision training programme, it combines on-site training with... Read more

Graduates’ Day October 2018 - The Wisdom of the Body

This  one-day workshop will explore the origins and steps of BioSpiritual Focusing and invite spiritual directors to consider their application to their ministry of accompaniment. Presented by John Keane, European Regional Director of ... Read more