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Choose a retreat of one or several days to take time to get in touch with God and with what is really important to you

Day Retreats

Days retreats offer a chance to get in touch with the movement of God's spirit and allow time to take a better perspective than ordinary life sometimes allows.

One-day retreats present an accessible and welcoming format to those with limited time.
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Residential Retreats

Manresa is an ideal venue for your retreat - a comfortable purpose built modern centre with international cuisine set in a unesco Biosphere Reserve with its many natural amenities,

We have a range of retreats of varying styles and durations throughout the year.
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Retreats @home

There may be times when you can't come to Manresa but would like to participate in a retreat offered by the Centre. A retreat @ home may take different forms but will usually take advantage of online possibilities by offering some video content, interactive sessions, one-to-one meetings, webinars or provision of texts.
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