New Year

New Year Retreat in Drumalis

From: 5:00pm Friday 30 December 2022
To: 2:00pm Sunday 1 January 2023



Guided retreat

Venue: Drumalis

Meals included

In cooperation with Drumalis Retreat and Conference Centre in Larne, the Manresa Retreat Team will lead a New Year Retreat there.

A precious opportunity to “see in the New Year” in a measured and reflective manner.

Prayer, reflection, liturgies and meeting individually with trained spiritual guides help participants to value the signs of God’s loving presence in their lives.

A valued way to see in the New Year, the retreat starts on Friday evening and continues until the afternoon on New Year’s Day, offering space to reflect on the time gone by and to ask for God’s grace on the year to come. These days give ample opportunity to engage in prayer, personal reflection, celebrations of Eucharist and to meet individually with a trained spiritual guide.