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4-day Directed Retreat in FCJ Spanish Point

From: 5:00pm Sunday 12 November 2023
To: 2:00pm Thursday 16 November 2023


4 Days

Silent retreat

One to one

Accommodation included

Meals included

The Manresa Retreat Team will lead this retreat in FCJ Spirituality House, Spanish Point, Co Clare.

The directed retreat is intended to create an environment where you can meet God intimately and discover that you are uniquely loved and called by God. The retreatant is offered the opportunity to meet with the director every day, to be accompanied their review of the prayer and reflection.

 'Directed' or 'individually guided' retreats have become part of the core ministry of Manresa. There are several key factors in the directed retreat which help you on its journey of discovery: personal prayer, reflection, silence, daily meeting with a director and participation in the Eucharist. The retreat's days of Individual guidance help you to recognise and attend to where God is in your life.