Great Faith II: Women in the Gospel

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Retreat @ home

In this retreat, Mike Drennan SJ will look at the patterns of discipleship offered by a number of women about whom we read in the Gospels.

Part I of the retreat has considered women such as Elizabeth, Mary and Anna and others who attracted Jesus’ attention and admiration. Now, in Part II, Mike will look at the example given by named women such as Mary Magdalene, Martha and Mary and reflect on the place of the anonymous witness given by the widow at the treasury, the Canaanite woman and other faithful followers of Jesus.

Evie Hone - Beatitudes detail

retreat @ home

Participation in this retreat, Great Faith II: Women in the Gospel, will involve being given access to reflections by Michael Drennan SJ.

You can choose when to begin this retreat; content will available on My Manresa.

You are invited to use the video for your reflection and prayer, pausing and continuing as you wish.

When first offered in 2021, this retreat was accompanied by opportunities to be together online; you are welcome to use it as a self-directed experience. You may find these notes on retreats @home helpful.