‘My Manresa’

When you book a retreat in Manresa, we record your name, contact details and other information associated with your booking. 

You can use the “guest checkout” option and your information is used only in connection with the current retreat. Should you wish, we may offer to create a ‘My Manresa’ account for you to allow you to keep a history of your bookings in Manresa.

The process of booking your retreat involves using online terms like cart, checkout, account and customer.

You can access this information at your ‘My Manresa’ page w you will see your chosen programmes, including any for which you have registered interest, paid or attended.

  • A blue button on the bottom right of your screen will either allow you to “Log in” or indicate that you are already logged in by showing your name.
  • An email from Manresa will tell you of your log in details when you have made a booking.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it.
  • You do not need to login to attend events.

Just ask!

Should you have any questions about using ‘My Manresa’,  we will be happy to help.