Manresa blooms

Oasis Day - 1 October

From: 9:30am Saturday 1 October 2022
To: 6:00pm Saturday 1 October 2022

1 Day Retreat

One to Many

Lunch included

Step aside from the ordinary into the lovely surroundings of Manresa for an Oasis Day. Each day takes place in an atmosphere of silence and comprises a number of elements: reflections, guided meditations, prayer and an opportunity to meet with a spiritual director; a celebration of the Eucharist concludes each day.

What can I expect from an Oasis Day

Spiritual Direction

An opportunity to meet with a spiritual director. Trained and experienced directors are available for one-to-one meetings.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

The Sacrament of Reconciliation. Priests are ready for individual confessions.


Each Oasis Day takes place in an atmosphere of silence.

Also Included

Reflections and Guided Meditations

Join a group for some structured quiet time and guidance in prayer.

Time for prayer & reflection

Manresa’s Chapel, the Evie Hone Prayer Room, labyrinth and surroundings offer space for calm reflection.


A celebration of the Eucharist. Each day includes Mass.