Paths in the Meadow

Mindful Compassion and Self-Care

From: 9:30am Saturday 14 October 2023
To: 6:00pm Saturday 14 October 2023

1 Day Retreat

One to Many

Lunch Included

Waiting list

Reception is open for phone calls only on Mondays and Tuesdays in September; emails will be replied to at the end of September.

This day is a perfect opportunity to take a break from busy daily life in order to experience the benefits of meditation for yourself. Learn how to practice meditation to increase your inner peace, compassion for yourself and others and reorient yourself towards goodness and happiness.

Benefits of meditation can also include improving relationships, promoting deeper self-awareness, emotional maturity and sobriety. Meditation can open inner doors to a wider kingdom.

The day will be led by Siobhan Murphy

What can I expect from this retreat


Time spent in meditation


Quiet time throughout the day.

Also Included


Lunch and refreshments are included