Labyrinth Aerial

Labyrinth Training Day

From: 9:30am Saturday 15 July 2023
To: 6:00pm Saturday 15 July 2023

1 Day Retreat

One to Many

Lunch Included

Places available

The labyrinth is a safe, beautiful prayerful holding space and offers time to slow down, walk one's pathway, listen to the inner journey, be attuned to the freeing movements of the soul. Following the path of the labyrinth, we mindfully journey inwards towards the centre (towards God) and then walk back out into the world. Releasing, receiving and renewing, this is time to find affirming space, to deepen a sense of our true self. 

This day will introduce the labyrinth and include a presentation, labyrinth prayer walks and training to support you in how to facilitate labyrinth prayer walks. There is no obligation to do anything with the training, but some participants may wish to go on to lead labyrinth walks or set up labyrinth teams in their contexts and offer others this beautiful prayer space. Facilitating labyrinth prayer walks can be a really rewarding ministry and deepen the spiritual journey of faith. All are welcome, no experience necessary.

Also Included

Time for prayer & reflection

Manresa’s prayer room, labyrinth and surroundings offer space for calm reflection.


Training to support you in how to facilitate labyrinth prayer walks.