February morning

Centering Prayer

From: 9:30am Saturday 28 October 2023
To: 6:00pm Saturday 28 October 2023

1 Day Retreat

One to Many

Lunch Included

Waiting list

How often do you take time to sit with the One who loves you exactly as you are: to sit with the Beloved and be enfolded in Love? This is what we do in Centering Prayer. We take a Sacred Word and let this be the door into our room where we sit with the Beloved.

When we find it difficult to be still, perhaps because of tumult in our hearts and minds, then the Welcoming Prayer offers healing for the wounds of a lifetime as well as whatever is happening in the here and now. We let go, sink into God’s loving, protective presence and let Love do its work in us and through us.

Centering Prayer grounds us in God while the Welcoming Prayer draws us back to stillness when life pulls us away. These two ways of praying complement each other beautifully. Both lead to gentle transformation.

During the day we will have an introduction to Centering Prayer and to the Welcoming Prayer and we will engage with both of these ways of praying. By praying together we help each other into a deeper Presence and are greatly nurtured.

This day will be led by Carol Casey.

What can I expect from this retreat

Centering Prayer

Introduction to Centering Prayer


Quiet time throughout the day.

Also Included

Time for prayer & reflection

Manresa’s prayer room, labyrinth and surroundings offer space for calm reflection.


A celebration of the Eucharist. The day includes Mass.