Evie Hone - Nativity (top)

A Window into Art

From: 9:30am Saturday 15 July 2023
To: 6:00pm Saturday 15 July 2023

1 Day Retreat

One to Many

Lunch Included

Places available

Come and bask in the light of Evie Hone’s five-window stained-glass artwork in the chapel and the rich art at Manresa. This retreat will focus on the visual story-telling of the sumptuous stained-glass and how they reflect their scriptural themes. The windows shine colourful light on the Beatitudes, the Last Supper, and Pentecost as well as the Nativity and the Sacred Heart and Jesuit Saints.

You are invited to come and see the art at Manresa such as the windows, stations of the cross by Richard King and watercolours by Hone and Mainie Jellet. There will be some guided seeing throughout the day and space to look deeply yourself. Come and find amongst the windows, panels, paintings and sculptures, a piece that speaks to you.

This one-day retreat will be facilitated by art historian Aoife-Marie Buckley and the Faber Companions.

What can I expect from this retreat

Stained glass windows

An opportunity to spend time in the prayer room


Quiet time throughout the day.

Also Included

Time for prayer & reflection

Manresa’s prayer room, labyrinth and surroundings offer space for calm reflection.


A celebration of the Eucharist. The day includes Mass.