Labyrinth Rainbow

Residential Retreat - Public Health Provisions

Arrival and Introduction
  • We suggest that minimal luggage be brought - assistance cannot be offered at this time. However, you might like to consider bringing: your favourite reusable travel mug; art or craft materials for your personal use; a hair dryer, sanitising wipes and face coverings. 
  • Anyone who accompanies you will need to remain outside the building.
  • Retreatants are asked to arrive at the time indicated by email and to take a seat in reception, if available. If all spaces are occupied, please wait outside the reception area.
  • All retreatants will be pre-booked and registered with payments made in advance by card in preference to cash.
  • Please confirm your personal details with Fiona, allowing your details to be available for potential contact tracing. 
  • A valid EU Digital COVID Certificate (COVID pass) (vaccine or recovery certificate) is required from 7 December 2021.
  • A temperature check may complement the other information the retreatant has offered.
  • A receipt, if it has been asked for in advance, can be collected from reception.
  • You will be given the key to your room with details relating to your stay.
  • Please avoid gathering with others, or compromising physical distancing - we acknowledge that this may seem unusual and unfriendly but is a provision that makes our being available possible. 
  • You will have the use of an individually assigned seat in the Dining Room; this is intended for your exclusive use during your stay. 
  • Late arrivals will be accommodated as soon as practicable. 
Refreshments and Dining
  • The Tea Room will be available for self-service tea/coffee. It is to be used by one person at a time only; the use of face coverings is required.
  • Breakfast is available in the Dining Room from 8:00 to 9:15 am. The Dining Room staff will be available to serve what is required.
  • Lunch will be available from 1:00 pm or per your timetable. Please queue using the spacing marked on the floor, if available. If all spaces are occupied, please take your designated seat and wait until a queuing space becomes available.
  • Use your tray to collect your starter, main course and dessert before you begin.
  • When you are finished eating, you don’t need to clear your table - it will be attended to by the Dining Room staff.
  • Meals are taken in silence; a ‘talking lunch’ option won’t be available at this time.
  • Individual meetings will be by appointment and in a designated meeting room. Long sessions will be avoided and physical distancing maintained. Sanitisers are present in all rooms and time will be allowed for ventilation.

Chapel and Prayer Room
  • You are welcome to choose your seat in the Arrupe Chapel, while observing physical distancing. 
  • The Evie Hone Room will be available for individual use. Please use the spaces indicated, not moving the furniture from its placement.
  • Details regarding the celebration of the Eucharist will be described at the time.
    • The Chalice will not be generally shared. 
  • Face covering/masks will be worn at all times when indoors, being removed only when in your bedroom, to eat or when seated for a one-to-one meeting.
  • Please observe physical distancing throughout the day. Avoid congregating with others while waiting.
  • Signage is present throughout the building to indicate changes of procedure and visitors are asked to use the hand sanitiser available and to note that hand washing is encouraged and facilitated.
  • To keep the amount of paper in circulation to a minimum, please bring your own Bible, paper and pens and keep them with you.
  • You will have agreed to inform a member of staff if you feel unwell during the day.
  • In the event of your leaving early, please ensure that your absence is noted.
  • Please leave your key in the box provided before you leave. 

Our usual approach to silence will continue and many others aspects dealt with in our Frequently Asked Questions may be of help.