Welcome to Manresa

A place apart - close to the heart of Dublin

Manresa is close to the heart of Dublin yet is a place apart - an ideal place in which to nourish the spirit and find peace in God. And that's our mission: to help people of all denominations, traditions and beliefs to discover the living God present and active in their daily lives. We rely on the wisdom of Saint Ignatius Loyola, especially as found in his Spiritual Exercises.

We offer one-to-one accompaniment, training in spiritual direction, programmes for the deepening of faith and prayer, programmes on spirituality in the workplace, and seminars on a wide range of topics. We also offer retreats for professional and parish-based groups, and in-service training for those working in the Ignatian tradition. Welcome to Manresa Jesuit Centre of Spirituality.

 Oasis Days 2016
9:30 am Saturday 23 July 2016
An Oasis Day presents an opportunity to take some time apart - a little time to catch up with yourself, to meet with God.  You can decide which of the elements on offer are most helpful to you, choosing from reflections, guided prayer, silence...
 Time for Rest and Reflection: Summer Weekend Guided Retreat (28-31 Jul)
8:00 pm Thursday 28 July 2016
The time from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon will be given to quiet reflection and prayer – with time to enjoy Manresa’s lovely surroundings. Time will be provided for guided prayer, some talks and opportunities for individual meetings with a...
 Joyful Faith!: 4-day Summer Retreat (14-19 Aug)
8:00 pm Sunday 14 August 2016
Preaching in troubled El Salvador in 1980, Oscar Romero proclaimed, “God is not a God of sadness but a God of celebrations and feasts, a God of happiness. Therefore in the heart of people who have faith there is no room for pessimism.” This retreat...