There may be times when you can't come to Manresa but would like to participate in a retreat offered by the Centre. A retreat @ home may take different forms but will usually take advantage of online possibilities by offering some video content, interactive sessions, one-to-one meetings, webinars or provision of texts.

The following are upcoming programmes in Manresa Jesuit Centre of Spirituality. You will find them grouped under the headings of Retreats, Courses and Events. Please don't hesitate to enquire should you not find the details you seek here.

Advent 2020 - Awaiting Graciousness
Advent 2020 is a time of uncertainty - perhaps as Advent should be! Our habits of stately progress through the season’s mysteries may be at odds with the original experiences of wondering... more
Sunday 29 November 2020 to Friday 25 December 2020
Being at Home with Mary (Aileen Murphy RLR) <Online>
Antoinette Fleming - Mother and ChildPope Francis encourages us to pray with Mary, to draw on traditional devotions, to pray as a Christian family in solidarity with our suffering world during this time of global pandemic. No matter... more
Monday 30 November 2020