Common questions about retreats in Manresa

What kinds of retreat are available in Manresa?

Manresa offfers a range of directed, preached and guided retreats during the course of the year.

What is the retreat accommodation like?

What sort of rooms does Manresa offer?

Can I cook my own food?

Can I bring my own food and cook it in Manresa?

What diets can you cater for?

Is it possible to have my special needs accommodated?

What voltage is used in Ireland?

Will I need to take a converter?

What are the surroundings of Manresa like?

Is the area around Manresa suitable for walking in during retreat time?

What's Manresa like?

How will being in Manresa will help me while on retreat?

Can I stay extra nights before or after my retreat?

The best travel options available to me mean arriving in Dublin with a little time to spare. Can I stay in Manresa?

What should I bring on retreat with me?

Are there particular items I shouldn't forget?

How might I prepare for my retreat?

What will be most helpful as I look forward to spending time on retreat?

Are all retreats in silence?

Will I be able to talk to anyone while I am on retreat? Is there silence at mealtimes?