Introduction to the Diploma in Spirituality

The Ignatian tradition is a rich source of guidance in discerning the ways of God in a confusing world

This formation course runs over seven weekends in each of two years. It is offered in Dublin annually and has been made available in Galway and in Larne.

Drawing on our Ignatian tradition and with over forty years' experience of training people in spiritual direction Manresa has developed an integrated two-year programme of seven weekends per year which draws on the insights of spirituality, psychology and the understanding of the human person. This unique offering, with ongoing supervision over two years, allows participants to develop and deepen their skills over time. Applicants who elect to do the course at Manresa are resident during each of the weekends and have the added opportunity of an important group experience which significantly enhances the learning experience. We work within the Ignatian tradition which is a rich source of guidance in discerning the ways of God and which equips participants in the course to help others find their way in our sometimes confusing world.

Those sucessfully completing the course requirments are awarded a Diploma in Spirituality (Spiritual Direction) by St Patrick's College, Maynooth (The Pontifical University).