One-day Retreats

Day retreats are scheduled or can be arranged to suit your calendar. Oasis Day last from morning to evening and includes lunch.

The following are upcoming programmes in Manresa Jesuit Centre of Spirituality. You will find them grouped under the headings of Retreats, Courses and Events. Please don't hesitate to enquire should you not find the details you seek here.

Oasis Day - Saturday 7 August 2021
Could it be that this will be a day to visit Manresa in person? Even if not we are sure that you will find it helpful to make one day different while staying where you are.  That ... more
Saturday 7 August 2021
One-day Photography Retreat <Online>
Bull Island by Steve Radley 190325 Join Steve Radley for an online retreat day. As he did in 2019, when he was able to be with us in person, Steve led participants through some reflection on approaches to photography. The morning... more
Saturday 14 August 2021
Oasis Day - Saturday 4 September 2021
Until official guidelines are published, we are unable to say when organised groups may gather indoors - the number of people we will be able to accommodate will depend on public health... more
Saturday 4 September 2021