One-day Photography Retreat <Online>

Bull Island by Steve Radley 190325

Join Steve Radley for an online retreat day. As he did in 2019, when he was able to be with us in person, Steve led participants through some reflection on approaches to photography. The morning session will be an invitation to consider some approaches and considerations offered by Steve and to take some suggestions as to how to use your camera or smart phone during the day. Having checked in with Steve after lunch, each participant will be invited to go on a photography walk in their own place before re-joining the group for sharing of images and a concluding prayer.

The gift of photography can enable us to discover our own life and surroundings in new ways. Steve Radley uses his background as a priest and his training as a photographer to consider how light is a metaphor for life. The retreat will explore ways of using the camera or smartphone in a contemplative way and help see the light of life of in new ways; when exploring the story of our images, we discover images can help us discover something more about our own lives.

Listen to God in the silence of your heart and you will know His perfect plans for you.
Psalm 37:4

A message from Steve

Welcome. Thank you for joining our retreat. My prayer is that you will discover the vastness of the beauty within the place you live and draw closer to God through this new vision.
I would encourage you to minimise distractions (put your phones onto airplane mode) and spend the time in-between our online sessions (marked in bold below) following the exercises I suggest. If you are able, I would encourage you to be silent throughout the day (our circumstances don’t always allow this). By dedicating your time in this way, you will discover how thin the space is between the place you live and the divine.
Steve Radley (Retreat leader)
Meeting Zoom link (Participants have received an email with active links)
before 9:30 Log onto zoom, iron out any technical challenges
09:30am Welcome
- Welcome, introductions and Opening Prayers
- An introduction to finding silence in a busy world (Exercises)
Offline Retreatants to use the exercises suggested in session 1 throughout the morning to discover shape, form and stillness in the present moment.
12:30pm Kairos time (Exercises)
  Using the camera for contemplation to discover the fulness of a given moment.
Offline Retreatants to spend the afternoon using the exercises suggested in session 2 to see their locality in new ways using the camera as an aid to contemplation.
  During the afternoon, retreatants choose and email Steve 1 photograph, if possible, to Steve - one which they are happy to share with the group.
6:00pm ‘Listening to an image’
  In Breakout Rooms: Retreatants each share a short reflection on their image and listen to what others see in the image.
  Closing prayers and conclusion

Photography Retreat from Stephen Radley on Vimeo.


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9:30 am to 8:00 pm Saturday 14 August 2021
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