New Year Vigil


The New Year retreat has been a special time in Manresa for a number of years, appreciated as an opportunity  to take some time to review and look ahead. We hope that, in 2020, we can hold something of the same space for you, inviting you to review and look ahead and to see in the New Year with some time for prayer, reflection and music.

You are welcome to register here and we will let you know what form the vigil will take. 

  • The vigil will begin at 11 pm.  Please be ready to join the meeting before 11 –  "doors will be open" from 10:30 pm.
  • Have a candle ready to light during the vigil.
  • It may be helpful to you to have taken some time with your photographs or journal of 2020 in preparation - you won't be expected to share anything from them!
Diary details
10:30 pm Thursday 31 December 2020 to 12:15 am Friday 1 January 2021
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