Listening to the Wisdom of Your Body: an introduction

This introductory evening will provide an overview of the practice of BioSpiritual Focusing.

The practice of BioSpiritual Focusing opens a doorway into an often neglected dimension of human knowing. In noticing and nurturing the sometimes difficult emotions and feelings we experience, we learn that the body has its own wisdom that can orient us in a healthy way into the future.

John Keane, European Regional Director of The BioSpiritual Institute, will discuss the steps or phases of this practice. Offering a brief experiential exercise that will enable the participants to experience it for themselves in a safe and respectful manner, John will share how this practice has assisted him in continuing recovery from a chronic illness and in regaining a sense of faith he feared had been lost forever.

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7:30 pm to 9:00 pm Tuesday 27 February 2018
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