Directed Retreat (19-27 Feb) <Online>

During an online directed retreat, the retreatant will be offered the opportunity to meet with the director every day (using video-conferencing), to be accompanied in their review of their prayer and reflection. If the key factors in the directed retreat can be preserved - personal prayer, reflection, silence, daily meeting with a director and participation in the Eucharist - the unexpected setting of the everyday may not offer the imagined resistance. Any directed retreat is intended to create an environment where the individual can meet God intimately and discover that they are uniquely loved and called by God.

If you prefer not to do eight days, you are welcome to arrange with us to do fewer, bearing the following in mind:

  • It is most helpful if everybody attends the 8:00 pm opening meeting on the date the retreat begins
  • Plan to meet your director on at least four days following the opening meeting.
  • It is best if the one-to-one sessions are on consecutive days.

Retreatants are encouraged to participate in the Eucharistic celebration -  if only by joining online the liturgy celebrated in Manresa. Depending on timing and location, some people may be able to attend mass locally.

Directed by
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8:00 pm Friday 19 February 2021 to 6:00 pm Saturday 27 February 2021
Cost includes: 
  • Daily individual accompaniment
  • Access to daily mass for retreatants
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