Courses at Manresa Jesuit Centre of Spirituality generally run over a number of sessions - weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The time between meetings allows an opportunity for participants to reflect, read, pray and consider their involvement.
Attendance at all sessions of a course a usual expectation, as we have found that the development of content and group relationships are important.
The Diploma in Spirituality (Spiritual direction) course runs over two years and is accredited by Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth. Applications are received until the end of April for each year’s intake. Read more.
Please note that some courses require application forms, interviews or other forms of application. You will find details on the individual pages.

Twentieth-Century Mystics
Previous courses in Manresa have presented the lives and thought of some of the great mystics of the past.This new course will focus on some outstanding Christian believers who lived closer to our...