Being at Home with Mary (Aileen Murphy RLR) <Online>

Antoinette Fleming - Mother and Child

Pope Francis encourages us to pray with Mary, to draw on traditional devotions, to pray as a Christian family in solidarity with our suffering world during this time of global pandemic.

No matter what is taking place externally, Antoinette Fleming's Mother and Child sculpture in the Arrupe Chapel (pictured here) has a way of drawing us into our hearts, conveying God’s loving care, and gentle holding of all that is tender and vulnerable. Antoinette Fleming has sensitively sculpted in this mother and child, a moment of hushed, silent encounter and intimate listening with her whole being…

The poet Gilly Fenner invites us, like Mary, to

     Listen to the God within;
     I am deep-down loving, longing.
     In the heart space where all is free
     There you will find me.

Who or what do you want God to embrace and gently hold at this time? Family, friends, people in your local parish, students, people generously working at the frontlines, those who are suffering and bereaved, those facing unemployment or uncertainty about the future…national leaders trying to make wise decisions…

In his encouraging letter Rejoice and Be Glad… Pope Francis mentioned his liking of contemplating the saints next door – “those parents raising their children with immense love, men and women supporting their families, the sick… and elderly religious who never lose their smile. Each in his or her own way can be a witness to God’s love”. Where are you noticing the saints next door in your neighbourhood…and on the diverse media platforms? How are you reflecting God’s love today?

Francis concludes that letter by writing “Mary is that woman who rejoiced in the presence of God, who treasured everything in her heart….She teaches us the way of holiness and she walks ever at our side. She does not let us remain fallen and at times she takes us into her arms without judging us. Mary our Mother does not need a flood of words. She does not need us to tell her what is happening in our lives. All we need to do is whisper again and again Hail Mary”… Amen.


Participation in this retreat, Being at Home with Mary, will involve being given access to reflections on a selection of the Mysteries on the Rosary, taking into account our new local and global realities. Our hope is that we too might treasure all the experiences and come to know, trust and be at home with God, as Mary was.

The accompanying date is not significant (just necessary for the system!). You can choose when to begin this retreat and you will be emailed a link each morning for each of five days.

You are invited to use the video for your reflection and prayer, pausing and continuing as you wish.

When first offered in May 2020, this retreat was accompanied by opportunities to be together online. This may be offered again in future but otherwise you are welcome to use it as a self-directed experience.

You can sign up for this retreat using this form.

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12:00 am to 12:30 am Sunday 28 February 2021
Cost includes: 
  • Daily access to specially-prepared video content for personal use
  • Opportunity to engage with the presenter on some evenings
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