5-day Preached Retreat on Saint Matthew's Gospel (16-22 Feb)

This retreat presents an opportunity to engage prayerfully with Matthew’s gospel as Year A of the cycle begins. The retreat will involve two daily reflections by Mike Drennan on the gospel of Matthew, the remaining time being offered as quiet space for reflection and prayer.
Matthew’s gospel was written for an early Christian community caught in a moment of profound transition. They were striving to remain faithful to their Jewish heritage while facing a new and uncertain future in the Gentile world. Jesus is presented as Son of God and Son of David, fulfilling the prophecies of old. Matthew tells us about the Kingdom which Jesus came to establish and what it means to be part of it.

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8:00 pm Sunday 16 February 2014 to 9:30 am Saturday 22 February 2014
Cost includes: 
  • En-suite single accommodation
  • Full board
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