4-day Imaging God Retreat (7-12 Jun)

There are many paths in our life of faith that can lead us to go deeper within ourselves; nature, poetry, scripture and silence are examples. Some people find it helpful to stop and look at images such as stained glass windows, religious paintings and other art images which have a spiritual depth. We can also go deeper by creating images ourselves - no matter how simple. Any focus outside ourselves can become a form of prayer which brings us to our own depths. Thus it is that art and creativity have such value and meaning now as they have had through the ages.

In addition to one-to-one meetings, participants in this retreat will be invited to engage in considering and making images; Colm Brophy and other directors will be on hand to facilitate them in a group setting or for accompaniment in a one-to-one setting.

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8:00 pm Sunday 7 June 2020 to 2:00 pm Friday 12 June 2020
Cost includes: 
  • En-suite single accommodation
  • Full board


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