Peter McVerry SJ

Fr Peter McVerry SJ has been working with Dublin’s young homeless for more than 30 years. During this time he has campaigned tirelessly for the rights of these young people.

In 1979, Fr McVerry opened a hostel to address the urgent need for accommodation for young homeless people. Four years later he set up a charity called The Arrupe Society, to provide further housing and support. Renamed in 2005 as Peter McVerry Trust, the charity has progressed from providing a three bedroom flat in Ballymun to today’s wide range of services catering for the diverse needs of young homeless people. Some services include an open access service, supported accommodation, drug services, under 18s hostels and apartments across the city to offer longer-term housing for those ready to live independently .

The Meaning is in the Shadows is a collection of writings by Fr McVerry, which reflect on his experiences working in Dublin’s inner city. He questions the structures that affect the lives of those on the margins and makes radical suggestions for change.

Jesus:Social Revolutionary? is the new book written by Fr McVerry, challenging Christian churches to re-examine their priorities, saying that social justice should be at the heart of all that the Christian churches preach and do.

Both books are published by Veritas, and can be ordered online at