Our New Earth Awareness - postponed

This weekend - Our New Earth Awareness: Responding to Pope Francis' call to ecological conversion - will be led by Donal Dorr and will guide participants in experiencing and expressing their faith and commitment in a way that takes account of our new earth awareness. Donal will lead the group through a reflection on how the 'ecological conversion' which Pope Francis has called for, will influence the way in which we express our faith in God, in Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, in the Christian Community, the Human Community, and the Community of the Earth - and how we commit ourselves to live out our ecological conversion.

Donal's hope is that this reflection and sharing will energize us all in living out a spirituality which we find personally inspiring and nourishing, and which we can share with all with whom we come into contact. Participants will be offered time to consider, reflect, notice and respond to the material offered.

The weekend will be guided by Donal’s theological insight and its setting of the weekend in Manresa will draw on the opportunities of the biosphere reserve, places of prayer in the retreat house and the Ignatian tradition of spiritual conversation.

This weekend will reflect on themes of the greatly appreciated 2016 weekend “Our Common Home” which Donal offered in Manresa in October 2016.

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8:00 pm Friday 2 March 2018 to 3:00 pm Sunday 4 March 2018
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