Supervisor Training at Manresa

Having returned to California where she works in spiritual direction and supervisor training, Maria Tattu Bowen, reflects on her time in Ireland where she addressed the Graduates’ Day on Saturday 11 March 2017. Here Maria offers some additional details to those already found on this site.

One thing that came through clearly when we were together is that many people identified a shortage of supervisors for spiritual directors in Ireland.  Manresa and Together in the Mystery (TIM) are delighted to partner in addressing this and will offer supervisor training at Manresa beginning with a four-day seminar in May of 2018.  The training continues with mentoring for a year and ends with another four-day seminar at Manresa in May of 2019.  Please note that the application deadline is early - Wednesday 1 November 2017 - which will allow us adequate time to plan this international event. 


Training Dates


  • TIM I: Friday 4 May 2018 to Tuesday 8 May 2018
  • TIM II: Friday 3 May 2019 to Tuesday 7 May 2019


Preparing to Apply


We consider supervisor training a time of discernment and acknowledge that considerable discernment goes in to whether or not to pursue supervisor training in the first place.  If you are considering it – and we welcome you warmly to do so - please also consider engaging an individual supervisor if you don’t already have one.  This will not only give you more data for discernment but provide you with someone who can write a recommendation on your behalf when the time comes.


When and How to Apply


You may apply at any time through Together in the Mystery’s website.  The registration steps are here.  Because we will be prioritizing participants from Ireland, we will hold all applications received until Wednesday 1 November 2017 and consider them as a group.  We let you know by Wednesday 15 November 2017 whether or not your application has been successful.


Costs of Training: 


  • Application Fee: €60 due with application submission.  (We will bill you via Paypal upon receipt of your application.)
  • Room, Board, and Tuition for TIM I: €730 (€365 initial deposit due upon acceptance to hold your place + €365 balance due two months prior to training.  Again, we will bill you via Paypal)
  • Individual Session Fee: €60 per session (payable at the time of the session directly to your mentor).
  • Room, Board, and Tuition for TIM I: €730 payable two months before TIM II.