The Coronavirus (COVID–19) pandemic affects the global community in diverse ways. Our news bulletins tell us of the struggles of healthcare staff, the social implications and the economic effects of the virus. Most people find themselves with more time than usual to sit and reflect, often to pray and to meditate. Our newsletter and communications usually seems to tell about what is coming up in Manresa - and right now the retreat centre is quiet – but our abiding concern is to connect with what is going on in you.


If you already receive our newsletter, you will have noticed our changed pattern as we send it out now every week with some links and suggestions about how you might guide your prayer and reflection in these difficult times. You are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter for as long as you wish. Should you choose to stop hearing from us, you can always unsubscribe easily in future using the link in every mailing. A list of past newsletters is here.

Time online links

Many of you told us how much you appreciate having links to sites we thought to be of value. We hope to continue to publish these lists from time to time, you will find a collection of them here.


We will try to make the best use of the available media and the limited equipment to hand to bring you occasional video or audio content. We are already spurred on by your encouragement! Here’s a link to our YouTube video channel.

Manresa Employees

Staff-members will see additional pages relevant to them including work rosters and other employment-related documents by logging in.