Labyrinth Rainbow


The management and staff of Manresa Jesuit Centre of Spirituality have carefully reviewed each aspect of the working of the house, modifying operating procedures and developing policies in consultation with a health and safety professional. We have prepared a detailed Coronavirus (COVID–19) Response Plan, (incorporating a Return to Work Protocol, Policy and Risk Assessment) which is designed to safeguard everyone’s health and safety; all the staff you will meet have been trained in the new procedures.

Here are some details in outline. Further information will be offered here and to prospective retreatants.

  • There will be significantly reduced numbers in Manresa with no more than 20 retreatants present at any given time.
  • Each single occupancy ensuite bedroom will have been vacant for at least 72 hours before subsequent use.
  • All retreatants will be pre-booked and registered with payments made in advance by card in preference to cash.
  • Retreatants will be given an arrival time at which they can come to reception when a simple contactless temperature check will complement the other information the retreatant has offered.
  • Signage is present throughout the building to indicate changes of procedure and visitors are asked to use the hand sanitiser available and to note that hand washing is encouraged and facilitated.
  • To keep the amount of paper in circulation to a minimum, retreatants will bring own their own Bible, paper, pens, art materials.
  • Face covering/masks will be worn at all times when indoors, being removed only when in your bedroom, to eat or when seated for a one-to-one meeting.
  • Retreatants will be required to state their readiness to abide by physical distancing in all rooms.
  • Intending guests will allow their details to be available for potential contact tracing, filling in a form prior to arrival and confirming details before their stay.