The Society of Jesus

Ignatius of Loyola sent two Jesuits - Paschase Broët and Alfonso Salmerón - to Ireland in 1541; since then Jesuits have sought to contribute to Irish life. Ignatius, saw the world as his workplace and was intent on bringing the message of the gospel to new places and in new ways. He encouraged Jesuits to seek God in all things, continuing to inspire a broad and inclusive approach to education and to motivates Jesuits to embody a faith that does justice.

Jesuit history in Ireland includes notable figures like Dominic Collins, a brother who died for his faith in Youghal in 1601, and John Sullivan (1861-1933), the second Irish Jesuit to be named Blessed. Over the centuries, hundreds of others have ministered throughout Ireland in schools, colleges, parishes and homes, and have joined other Jesuits in missions all around the world.