Isaiah - Hope and Consolation

Mike Drennan SJ picks up some themes from Isaiah, noting the prophet's attention to God’s fidelity and call; our weak human response sees God continue to call us from exile and estrangement.

Some of the passages noted in this reflection:

  • 55:8 - God’s ways and thoughts are different.
  • 41: 17ff & 43:16ff - God’s faithfulness is evident and a new future is promised.
  • 49:11 - A roadway is prepared.
  • 52:12 - There will be a new exodus.
  • 35 - The desert will be in bloom for the journey, for a joyful return from exile in Babylon.
  • 40:3 - Prepare the way of the Lord; this highlights the promise of God and the transition; God was being revealed in a new way.
  • 38:31 - Isaiah is strong on God’s plan. There will be destruction but a remnant will survive; the country would suffer, but there would be survivors – there would be deliverance not by the ‘flesh’ but by the spirit (31:1-3)

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