European Tertianship

A Jesuit noviciate lasts two years. These first two years of formation happen before any study or prolonged pastoral experience. While a novice, the Jesuit in formation is helped to grow into a life of prayer and reflection, to have a variety of experiences and is directed in the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius over 30 days.
Buildings which were originally the stable and walled garden area of Baymount Castle were gradually replaced, initially with pre-fabs, to become the site of the Irish Jesuit Noviciate when it moved from Emo Court in County Laois in 1969. Closed in 1991, novices lived in Ballymun until a joint novitiate was established in Birmingham UK.
Once a Jesuit has completed substantial studies and had some significant pastoral experience, a year of "Tertianship" is undertaken – essentially a third year of noviciate.New and refurbished buildings were reconstituted as the European English-speaking Tertianship in Manresa in September 2006.